25th April, 2018

PHEA-RLAKCHE Conference 2018 Detail here 

7th April, 2018

Attention Intermediate Students Detail here

12th March, 2018

PHEA-RLAKCHE Conference 2018 Detail here

12th March, 2018

Abstracts Submission Guidelines Detail here

8th February, 2018

Orientation Program for BS 2018 Detail here

2nd January, 2018

Orientation for BS Semester I Detail here

2nd January, 2018

Notice Regarding BS Classes Detail here

19th November, 2017

Schedule for BS practical Exams Detail here

2nd November, 2017

Issuance and Submission of Examination Forms for BS II, IV, VI, VIII Detail here

11th October, 2017

Admission to BS Home Economics 2018 Detail here

22nd September, 2017

Notice for Expression of Interest for selling stationary to college Students Detail here

13th September, 2017

Orientation program for 11th Grade Detail here

11th August, 2017

Independence Day Function Detail here 

2nd August, 2017

Admission Schedule for BS Students Detail here

26th July, 2017

Commencement of Classes of 12th Grade  Detail here

26th July, 2017

Admission to 12th Grade Detail here

20th December, 2016

Admission to BS Semester V Detail here 

9th December 2016

Submission of Enrollment Forms for 11th Grade Detail here

5th December, 2016

Notice regarding BS Admission Detail here

19th November, 2016

Change in Practical Exam Date Detail here

31st October, 2016

Submission of Examination Forms for BS  II, IV, VI, VIII 2016 Detail here

4th October, 2016

Orientation Program of 11th Grade 2016 Detail here

2nd October, 2016

Admission to BS Home Economics Detail here

23rd September, 2016

Change in College Timings Detail here

20th September, 2016

Regarding Apparel and Textile Teacher Detail here

20th September, 2016

Orientation for XI Grade Detail here

19th September, 2016

11th Grade Admission Detail here

19th September, 2016

Commencement of XI Grade Classes Detail here

6th September, 2016

XI Grade Admission Detail here

19th August, 2016

Attention BS Students Detail here

9th August, 2016

Attention 12th Grade Students Detail here

9th August, 2016

Admissions to XI Grade Detail here

9th August, 2016

Admission form for BS Semester II, IV, VI, VIII 2016 Detail here

6th August, 2016

Physiology Teacher Required Detail here

26th July, 2016

Notice Regarding Commencement of Classes Detail here

19th June, 2016

E Magazine Current Issue Vol.1 , No 2 Detail here

1st June, 2016

News for 11th Grade Students Detail here

6th May, 2016

BS practical Exams Internship and Presentation Detail here

3rd May, 2016

BS Exams 2016 Issuance of Admit Cards Detail here

22nd April, 2016

Suspension of BS Classes Detail here

22nd April, 2016

 BS Results Detail here

22nd April, 2016

Issuance of Admit Cards Detail here

14th April, 2016

Attention Intermediate Students Detail here

13th April, 2016

Examination Forms for BS I, III, V, VII 2016 Detail here

10th April, 2016

E Magazine Vol.1, No.1 Detail here

 15th January, 2016

 Admissions to BS Semester I, III, V, & VII. Detail here

11th January, 2016

BS I 2016 Orientation Scheduled Detail here

11th January, 2016

BS-VIII Theses Submission. Detail here

7th January, 2016

 Research and Internship Presentation 2016. Detail here