Home Economics is a multi-disciplinary and integrative field of study with emphasis on science applied to the real world of the home, family, and community. It is a lifestyle education that prepares the learner to make appropriate personal lifestyle decisions as well as trains her/him for careers and businesses that empower others to make befitting lifestyle choices.

Its historical origins place Home Economics in the context of the home and household, and this is extended in the 21st century to include the wider living environments as one better understands that the choices and priorities of individuals and families impact at all levels, ranging from the household, to the local and also the global community.

In the present day Home Economics is being taught in most countries of the world though the name and pattern of integration in schemes of studies at various places varies. In America and a few other countries it is known as “Family and Consumer Sciences”; in most of Europe and Asia, it is still named as “Home Economics”. It is sometimes also categorized under the heading of “Human Sciences”. Opportunities for pursuing Home Economics as a career option are greatest in Japan, USA, Canada, Australia and several countries of Europe and Asia.