The department caters to the over-all development of the students by developing good understanding of religion; providing comprehensive study of language and literature; and imparting excellent exposure to history.


The Humanities Department (HD) of the college comprises the following disciplines:

  • Islamic Studies
  • Pakistan Studies
  • English Language/Literature
  • Urdu Language/Literature

Various disciplines of the HD not only enhance and add to students’ knowledge so that they can express themselves more effectively but also provide a holistic support to the core disciplines of Home Economics by focusing on the basic interpersonal & transferable skills and values that complement students’ acquisition of academic and professional qualifications.


Producing confident, well-integrated and balanced personalities capable of meeting the challenges of the 21st century


  • Working towards personality development of young girls in order to produce good members of a harmonious world society
  • Inculcating, enhancing, and strengthening human skills, moral values, etc. and nurturing students to play effective, contributory roles in the home and work environment with courage, confidence, wisdom, and tolerance


  • Reinforcing the pragmatic aspect of Islam in conformity with the needs of modern world society.
  • Developing and nurturing an understanding of and respect for various religious denominations within and other than Islam, thereby making way for a pluralistic society.
  • Strengthening religious values to promote the concept of peaceful co-existence through cultivating tolerance of religious, social, ethnic, political, cultural, and other differences.
  • Enhancing students’ understanding of home, local, regional, national, and international issues through in-class discussions.
  • Motivating students to increase awareness of important life issues (moral, social, political, etc.) through developing the habit of reading.
  • Inculcating an appreciation of literature through poetry reading sessions, etc. to promote students’ comprehension of human beliefs, motives, and conduct.
  • Promoting the skill of self-expression through discussions, debates, speech competitions, essay-writing, etc.


The Department of Humanities is fortunate in having very qualified teaching faculty at its disposal. There are a total of 09 faculty members. Their qualifications are listed below:

S.No. Name Designation Qualification
1 Nusrah Hamza Associate Professor
M.A English Linguistics (KU); B.A (HONS); Advanced Dip. In Teaching Eng. as Foreign Lang. (CEL-AKU); Language Course in French (KU); Language Course in German (KU)
2 Sunita L. Gandhi Assistant Professor M.A English Literature (Uni. Of Sindh); M.Ed. (Exeter Uni. UK)
3 Fozia Shaikh Assistant Professor M.A English Literature (Uni. Of Punjab)
4 Lubna Shaheen Lecturer M.A English Literature (Uni. Of Sindh); B.Sc (Uni. Of Sindh); Course in Teaching Eng. for Specific Purposes (CEL-AKU)
5 Dr. Amna Afreen Lecturer PhD Islamic Studies (KU); M.A Arabic (KU); M.A Islamic Studies (KU); Shahadat-ul-Alamia (Wafaq-ul-Madaris); Course in Fine Arts (SBTE)
6 Kousar Parveen Shaikh Lecturer M.A English Literature (SALU); B.Sc (SALU); Certificate in Information Technology (CIT) (JDC-KU)
7 Sohaila Hasan Lecturer M.A Pakistan Studies (KU); B.Ed (KU)
8 Munnaza Nazir Lecturer M.Phil (Fellow) Sindhi Literature (KU); M.A Sindhi Literature (KU); BA (HONS) (KU)
9 Rasheeda Lecturer M.A Islamic Studies (KU)
10 Kulsum Wali Mohammad Lecturer M.A. Islamic Studies (KU); M.Sc (Bio Chemistry); Hadith Course (Al-Huda Int.); Course in Qur’anic Learning (Anjuman Khuddam-ul-Quran Sindh); Training Course in Mu’alimeen/Mu’alimaat baraa-i-Qur’an Kareem (Trust Jamee’at Ta’leem-ul-Qur’an); Language Course in Arabic (KU)
11 Sehrish Jabbar Memon Lecturer M.A Islamic Studies (Uni. Of Punjab)
12 Shehnaz Gul Lecturer M.Phil (Fellow) Urdu (KU); M.A Urdu (KU); B.Sc (KU); B.Ed (KU)
13 Sabina Lecturer M.A Urdu (SALU)
14 Qurat-ul-Ain Lecturer M.Phil (Fellow) Urdu (KU); M.A Urdu (KU)