The internship work is a core component of the syllabus at BS level at RLAK CHE. Each student must carry out the internships in the senior-most year of the graduation.Internships offered by different departments are as follows with further details under year-links.

Apparel and Textile Department

  1. Internship A: Community Development


Art and Interior Design Department

  1. Internship A: Aesthetic and Design Basics (community based)

  2. Internship B: Interior Designing

  3. Internship C: Architecture Designing


Family and Human Development Department

  1. Internship A: Early Childhood Education

  2. Internship B:Family and Community Development


Nutrition and Dietetics Department

    1. Internship A: Community Nutrition

    2. Internship B: Food System Management

    3. Internship C: Clinical Nutrition

Download here Manual for Internships in Nutrition and Dietetics Department.


Residential Management and Entrepreneurship Department

  1. Internship A: Community Development

  2. Internship B: Human Resource Management

  3. Internship C: Management of Institution