OLD Bushra Tariq

 Bushra Tariq
 Dar-ul-Sehat Hospital, Karachi

My slow but steady journey to progress started from the time I took admission in the BS Home Economics programme at RLAK CHE. It was quite an intensive and challenging programme filled with internships, presentations, student-teaching, perpetual state of exams, and many things besides. I had a great time through all the years spent in pursuit of academic excellence at the College. The diverse academic activities proved to be a training ground for the launch of a confident professional career immediately after my graduation in 2012.

Other than academic activities, I particularly enjoyed being a member of the Students’ Council a lot. Taking active part in organizing curricular as well as co-curricular activities/events developed my abilities of coordinating in a team and, at times, taking over the leadership role. This participation gave a great boost to my self-confidence that subsequently became a valuable asset in my professional career as well.

Today, I have achieved the goal for which I took admission in RLAK CHE and am now successfully working as a nutritionist at Dar-ul-Sehat, a reputable hospital of Karachi.
The grooming and polish received at RLAK CHE made me prove my abilities and skills to myself and others. I consider myself exceptionally fortunate in having been a part of this great institute. Thank you, RLAK CHE!

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