OLD Careers

Major and Careers.

Training in Home Economics not only prepares women for motherhood and home-making but also for a broad spectrum of careers in various areas. The home economists besides being trained to work as teachers and researchers in the relevant fields are also trained for utilizing their skills in other related professions.

The students can opt to specialize in any of the following areas to choose their desirable career.

Areas of Specialization

Acquired Skills

Area Specific Relevant Professions

Apparel and Textiles

Management and Administration; Textile Quality Analysis; Textile Designing and Printing; Fashion Awareness; Marketing & Merchandising.

Quality Control Manager, Technologist, Scientist, Designer, Merchandiser, and Product Manager/Promoter in Apparel And Textile Industry; Fashion Photographer, Forecaster and Journalist; etc.

Art and Interior Design

Imagination; Reflectiveness; Creativity; Resourcefulness; Organization and Planning; Interpersonal and Social Skills; Aesthetic and Interpretive Understanding.

Interior Designer; Architect; CAD-CAM Designer; Freelance Designer; Web Designer; Furniture Designer; Ceramic Designer; Production (theater/television/film )Designer; Glass Blower/Designer; Jewelry Designer; Makeup Artist; Fine Artist; Print-maker; Event Manager/Event Planner/Exhibition Designer; Medical Illustrator; Colour Consultant; Art And Design Educator; Museum/Gallery Curator; Re-Furbisher; etc.

Family and Human Development

Awareness and Knowledge of: Rights of Children, Disabled and Elderly, Individual & Family/Community-needs Human Rights, Educational Psychology; Human Behavioral Understanding (from child to adult to elderly); Techniques of Guidance and Counseling; Family Crises Management Strategies.

Family/Career Counselor; Human-Resource Coordinator; Social Worker; Assistant to Counselors and Psychologists; Child-Care Provider/Coordinator; Crisis- intervention/Effective Community Worker; Consumer Advocate; Volunteer/Activist in Human Rights and Fundraising Programs; Life-Skills Facilitator; Rehabilitation Worker; etc.

Nutrition and Dietetics

Culinary expertise related to: Menu Planning, Food Service & Meal Management; Sound Understanding of: Nutritional Values & Information (Nutrient Analysis); Dietary-Requirement & Special-Diet Screening; Food Preparation & Food Production Fundamentals; Public Health Nutrition Competencies; Special-Dietary-Needs Counseling.

Culinary Expert; Clinical & Consultant Dietician/Nutritionist; Food Service Operators (chef, food service director, food and beverage manager, and independent food preparation businesses operator/ owner); Catering/Banquet Manager Industrial Caterer; Public Health Nutritionist; Recipe Developer/Food Stylist; Food Quality Control Manager/Dietetic Manager; Restaurant Manager; Event/Food Industry Sales Manager Representative.

Residential Management and Entrepreneurship

Creative Thinking; Innovation to improve Residential Management; HR Management & Marketing; Decision Making; Small Business & Environmental Management; Financial Management.

Housekeeping Manager For Hotels; Hospitals; Lodges; Event And Project Manager; Human Resource Manager; Program Manager For Rural Support And Education Extension Programs; Environmental Manager; Small Business Manager; etc.


Students pursuing a degree in Home Economics must take classes in Language, Literature, Statistics, Research and Computer. This education enhances and adds to their transferable skills like public speaking, writing, team work, problem solving, computing, and research. Hence the qualified graduates become eligible for positions in banking, finance planning/management, customer service, media commentary, training and development in government as well as private sector.

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