Department of Home Economics Education and Research


To promote Research in Home-Economics Education.


To improve quality of everyday life for individuals, families and household and to balance between the household and society responsibilities. Young women equipped enough to improve the  living style within the micro and macro sphere. Our aim is to  enhance their potentials in regarding sustainable use of resources, Computing Skills and Research. 


  • To Prepare Students for effective family life through Home Economics Education.
  • To Provide opportunities and to train students by enhancing their socio- economic skills.
  • To train students to conduct research and create new ways of thinking and understanding with new ecology of knowledge in the context of the changing nature of work
  • To quantify and qualify environmental effects coming from the use of technical devices at home and to identify sustainable technological solutions for daily household work.


Students are being trained to work in the field of  Home Economics Education and Research to enhance their expertise in further field of Home Economics. Below are the skills they are trained for:

 Acquired Skills

Creative Thinking; Innovation to improve  Life Style; Research and Development : Data Handling in Social Sciences .

Some Possible Careers

Project Manager; Human Resource Manager; Program Manager for Rural Support & Education Extension Programs; Environmental Manager; Small Business Manager; Educational Supervisor and Administer .



“The People Who Want to Bring Progressive Change in the World”


  • To propagate awareness of management and utilization of key constructs to improve engagement and productivity
  • To disseminate “best practices” and provide training in correct and effective use of devices in households
  • To bring successful entrepreneurs together, and to help them make meaningful, lasting connections
  • To be an example of a true change agent to champion positive behavior and attitudes


  • Participation in activities and events on discount registration
  • Eligibility to work in various communities and working groups
  • Scientific publications at concessional terms
  • Participation in scientific sessions of the society
  • Opportunities to write and be a part of Annual Magazine


Small Business Management Project Management Introduction to Research Methodology Computing for Communication & Research Home Management & Housing Statistics Administration and Supervision of Home Economics Education Management of Residential Spaces