OLD Rafiah Mudassir

 Rafiah Muddasir
 Teacher Trainer,
 Beaconhouse School System, Karachi.

I am an educationist and have been working as a Teacher, Head of School, Training Manager and Master Trainer at various elite institutions of the city [Karachi]. I believe RLAK CHE has a major share in all these achievements of mine.

I pursued the teaching career because of an English teacher I had at RLAK CHE – Ms Nusrah Hamza , inspired me so much that I decided to follow in her footsteps. Ms Khalida Hafeez [teacher, FHD (then FRCD) Dept.] and Ms Parveen Haq [teacher, Education Dept.] infused in me the spirit of research. I try to impart the same spirit and my lifelong learning enthusiasm to my own trainees.

RLAK CHE also provided me with opportunities to improve my social and leadership skills through student societies. I was elected as president – student council and also voted as the best student of the year in 1992.
I did my Masters in Home Economics, FRCD [Family Relations and Child Development] obtaining an overall 2nd position. My major, as the name suggests, further groomed my abilities as an effective community worker. Today, I am not only involved in different community-development projects but also run an educational and welfare trust named “Mashal”.

RLAK CHE infused in me a desire to continue enhancing my skills, abilities and qualifications as a professional. Consequently, I earned an M.Sc. degree in ‘Advanced Professional Studies in Education’ from University of Strathclyde, on a scholarship from The City School in 2005. In my successful teaching career I have been honored with ‘Teacher of the Year’ and the ‘Best Head’ awards at some renowned institutions like the Army Public School & the City School; yet, I would like to be part of RLAK-CHE’s teaching faculty.

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