All BS students can collect their Marks’ Pro formas for semesters I, III, V, and VII from Semester Program Coordinators on Tuesday, 14th October, 2014 during college timings.

Students are instructed to bring discrepancies/errors, if any, to the notice of BS Committee latest by 21st October, 2014 so that it can be communicated to the university for correction process.
No complaints whatsoever will be forwarded through college after due date and the students will have to report the same to the university directly.


BS-I & II: Ms. Najeeha Khan & Ms. Amna Afreen

BS-III & IV: Ms. Rehana Nasim Ms. Nighat Jehan

BS-V &VI: Ms. Kulsoom Jamali Ms. Khalida Jumani

BS-VII & VIII: Ms. Huma Urooj & Ms. Fahima Fatima

OR Contact:
Ms. Fahima Fatima, Student Advisor
Ms. Khalida Hafeez, Incharge BS Committee.

NOTE: Students collecting the pro formas after 10th Nov., 2014 will have to pay a fine of Rs. 40.