Project Description

To promote and inculcate education for sustainable development of homes, culture and humanity

To enrich and uplift young girls’ knowledge and skills in field of Residential Management and Entrepreneurship so that they can more effectively advocate for family and households to meet the needs of present and future generations concurrently using techniques compatible with national as well as international level.

To promote professionalism in Residential Management & Entrepreneurship and to assist fast-growth ventures by providing education, connections, tools, coaching through media, seminars, workshops, conference and short courses

To propagate importance of and identify best practices for “good housing” by developing scientific attitudes and artistic outlook in homemaking

To help students discover and further develop their own resources and capabilities to be used in their personal and professional life

To explore the employment opportunities for Residential Managers & Entrepreneurs and raise their professional status


Besides being trained to work as educators and researchers in their relevant field, the students of Residential Management & Entrepreneurship are also equipped with a complete set of skills necessary to start any of the careers mentioned below:

Acquired Skills

Creative Thinking; Innovation to improve Residential Management; HR Management & Marketing; Decision Making; Financial Management.

Some Possible Careers

Housekeeping Manager for: Hotels, Hospitals, Lodges; Event & Project Manager; Human Resource Manager; Program Manager for Rural Support & Education Extension Programs; Environmental Manager; Small Business Manager; etc


Associate Professor

  1. Ms. Shahnaz Javed (HOD)
  2. Ms. Nighat Jahan
  3. Ms. Rehana Naseem