Project Description

Recognition in academic excellence as a leading research and graduate program that prepares professionals to assume leadership roles in nutritional sciences, dietetics and public health nutrition

To train students in Nutrition and Dietetics for social wellbeing of individual, families and communities, primarily through research and education

To provide quality and science-based learning in Advance Nutrition, Dietetics, Food Service Management and Community Nutrition through graduate nutrition programs

To develop an analytical and research-oriented approach towards matters related to nutritional content of food in different situations

To equip students with enhanced awareness of health needs of people of different ages

To train students in techniques of handling compromised health issues

To promote good work ethics, teamwork and learning opportunities for career development

To focus on continuous improvement by updating curriculum as per latest concepts and theories



BS students are required to go through three internship programs:

  1. Internship A:Community Nutrition
  2. Internship B:Food System Management
  3. Internship C:Clinical Nutrition


To build confidence and self-learning in students, they are prompted to conduct intermediate-level classes under teachers’ guidance and observation.


Students of 7th and 8th semester are required to do research related to their field of specialization. Students of the department carry out researches in diverse areas such as; food science, clinical nutrition, food service & management, nutritional surveys & intervention studies.



This society is run and managed by students under teachers’ guidance. The objective of this society is to create awareness in the community about importance of adequate and wholesome food and good nutrition. The society disseminates Nutrition Information through Media, Seminars, Conferences and Short Courses. The FANS also aims to assess the Nutrition Situation through research programs and to design and implement required interventions.


Participation in activities and events on discount registration
Eligibility to work in various communities and active groups
Scientific publications at concessional terms
Participation in scientific session/meetings of the society
Opportunities to write and be a part of Annual Magazine


PNDS was formed and is managed by ex-students of Nutrition & Dietetics department. This society is a platform for-dietitians, teachers and students at national and international level to work for the improvement of healthy communities.


At HSC Level

Food and Nutrition (11th Grade)

Study of food & nutrients

Food deficiency diseases

Principles of food cookery

Kitchen gardening

Fundamentals of Meal Management(12th Grade)

Principles of meal management

Meal planning

Rules of table setting

Meal services & hospitality

Food spoilage & preservation

At BS Level

Public Health Nutrition

International nutrition & world food problems

Causes, disorders & management of malnutrition

Planning, implementation & evaluation of nutritional policies & programs

Experimental Food and Processing Techniques

Experimental approach to food sciences

Structure of food & food products

Food evaluation & principles of food cookery

Institutional Management

Food service management

Food preparation and service practices

Nutrition through Life cycle

Assessment of nutritional needs during different phases of life


Management of normal & therapeutic diet

Emergency Nutrition

Nutritional management & food service in calamities & disasters


  • Associate  Professor
  1. Ms Shaista Jabeen(HOD)
  2. Ms Sadia Idrees
  • Assistant Professor
  1. Ms Hina Qazi
  2. Ms Najeeha Khan
  • Lecturer
  1. Ms Teba A.Lateef
  2. Ms Rabia Saqib


A Nutrition & Dietetics degree can be the foundation for career opportunities in areas such as:

  • Dietitian in hospitals
  • Nutritionist/educator in public/community health centers
  • Researcher in government and international research institutions
  • Consultant at the hospital, private clinics& fitness centers
  • Spokesperson for diet and health through media at local & multinational companies
  • Nutritionist at Govt. & non-govt. organizations
  • Food product & recipe developer in food industry and pharmaceutical Cos.
  • Food service and quality manager& directors in restaurants, hospitals & airlines