It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to Ra’ana Liaquat Ali Khan Govt. College of Home Economics. RLAK CHE is a top-ranking educational institute of Sindh, training highly skilled professionals for diverse careers such as educators, nutritionists, dietitians, designers, consultants, counselors, managers, and policy makers. Along with opportunities for educational excellence and character development, students are also provided with facilities for varied cultural and extracurricular activities through clubs & societies so as to develop a multi-faceted personality to cope with challenges that lie ahead. A unique feature of its academic program is that graduates of the College are absorbed directly into the job market upon completion of their formal education. Our curriculum, while following the international guidelines, is molded to incorporate the needs of the local community and industry. It aims to empower women and groom them to contribute for the betterment of family & community. If you are looking for acquiring good moral and ethical values with excellence in education and leadership qualities, this institute should be your top choice. I invite you to join RLAK-CHE where the administrative staff and entire faculty await to welcome you and make your stay at the College a memorable experience.

Prof. Fahima Fatima Principal, RLAK  Government College of Home Economics, Karachi.


Ra’ana Liaquat Ali Khan, Government College of Home Economics, founded in 1952, is the only college of its kind in the province of Sindh contributing to national development through simultaneous empowerment of women, strengthening of families, and fostering optimum human-resource development for the past half century and more.A landmark educational institution of Karachi— the RLAK Govt. College of Home Economics is a professional-level college offering numerous highly specialized and technical courses in five different areas of Home Economics i.e.Apparel & Textiles, Art & Interior Design, Family & Human Development, Nutrition & Dietetics, Residential Management & Entrepreneurship The college focuses on preparing professionals recognized for the quality and significance of their knowledge, research, and leadership. Home Economics is the skill of integrating the contribution from all the sciences, arts, and humanities into one functional whole, for the development of the individual and the improvement of family living and interpersonal relationship. Accordingly, RLAK CHE also offers compulsory education in Language, Literature, History, Religion, Statistics and Computing. This education along with core subjects of Home Economics enhances and adds to professional and transferable skills of young women and empowers them to become the leaders of positive and productive change within their families, communities, and nation through active participation in discussions and decision-making at home as well as at the national level.










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