Oil Painting Demonstration was organized by Art and  Interior design department for the students of BS-II semester. There were two sessions held on 22nd&24th November, 2021. A talented  student of BS 6th Semester from Art and Interior Design Department has conducted the sessions.She has taught the students about the basic materials, tools, techniques, and  few tips and tricks of oil painting medium.

The techniques were also demonstrated  by the instructor  where she  has painted in front of the students to better explain the different techniques, she also showed a variety of examples about techniques of oil painting  to help students to  envision their own creativity. After the detailed demonstration, she has  asked the students to engage and paint a few techniques over the canvas.

The experience was informative and enjoyable for the students as well as for the instructor. The students found the demonstration immensely insightful and gave them a chance to explore their creative minds.