Project Description

The mission of Apparel & Textile Department is to serve the community through the provision of quality educational program, research, consultancy and professional service in the field of clothing and textile.

To provide the best possible education of students in the resources available.
To understand why and how clothing choices are made.
To become aware of personal responsibilities as a clothing consumer.To provide up to date and modern education about apparel and textile technologies.
To provide the students a more formal understanding of the textile industry for future career opportunities within that field
Economic consideration for individual & family clothing purchases
Understanding of Cultural, Physiological, Sociological, & Psychological motives that influence clothing selection
Sustainable consumption development through apparel and textile education as a home maker as well as a professional.



BS (Apparel &Textile Department) students are required to go through TWO internship programs:

  1. Internship A:Community Internship
  2. Internship C:Industrial Internship


To build confidence and self-learning in students, they are prompted to conduct intermediate-level classes under teachers’ guidance and observation.


Students of 7th and 8th semester are required to do research related to their field of specialization. Students of the department carry out researches in diverse areas such as; Textile testing, Fashion designing, Clothing practices, Consumer awareness.

Apparel and Textile Society

This Society is run and managed by students of 7th semester (Apparel and Textile) and teachers’ guidance .The objective of this society is to create awareness in the Community about significance importance of Apparel and Textile.


Apparel and Textile Education opens the doors of major professional areas namely educational institutions, business and industries—particularly textile and garment section, community service, research and administration.

Students gain advance knowledge of Textile-and-Apparel Technology, quality control scheming, merchandising and application of computer technology in this sector.
The academic program of Apparel & Textile department has been designed to train students for future leadership in their specific areas of education
Students attain a high level of intellectual and technical skills with a marked ability and initiative in the understanding and knowhow of theoretical concepts and their practical application in the major discipline.


The Apparel and Textile domain of Home-Economics Programs was originally intended to provide women with expertise to clothe themselves and their families in an efficient and economical manner. Another objective was to provide the students with a more formal understanding of the textile industry for future career opportunities within that field. Early Home Economists helped to make positive contributions to this area by studying different fabrics and dyes, and the proper ways to care for the material. Modern Home-Economics Programs continue to place importance on this domain of the curriculum. Students are given instructions regarding different aspects of Apparel and Textile, including the History of Fashion and its Social Implications, Concerns for the Consumer, as well as Actual Clothing Construction.

Perhaps one of the most enjoyable parts of the Home-Economics disciplines is the ability for students to create their own clothes and other projects. Students learn how to correctly use the various tools and materials necessary to construct their clothing. They learn how to follow the sewing instructions with limited assistance, and are encouraged to use their creative skills. Different tailoring techniques and ways to assess their quality are also demonstrated.


At HSC Level

Clothing and Textile (11th Grade)

  • Study of design elements in dress
  • Study of market , price and effective shopping practices
  • Principles of wardrobe planning
  • Study of textile fibers, methods of fabric construction (weaving)and finishes
  • Construction of garments (practical).

Family Clothing Problem (12th Grade)

  • Effect of family values, social status, cultural and religious influence upon family clothing decisions
  • Study of infants and children clothing
  • Influence ,importance ,types, advantages and disadvantages of advertisement and labeling
  • Care of family clothing
  • Hand and machine knitting
  • Consumer rights and responsibility

At BS Level

Advanced Clothing

  • Advanced pattern making
  • Fitting rules, principles and their effect upon garments

Advanced Textile

  • Study of textile fibers, yarns and finishes
  • Importance of fabric designing

Experimental Textiles

  • Textile testing
  • Fiber, yarn and fabric dimensions and properties

Fashion and Apparel Designing

  • Understanding of fashion.
  • Study the different styles of garment and current fashion trends.
  • Study the tools and techniques used in fashion designing.

Fashion Merchandising

  • Marketing and merchandizing policies of Pakistan
  • Role of fashion promotion tools in successful merchandizing process

Textile Designing and Printing

  • Fabric designing
  • Different types of fabric embellishment
  • Develop textile designs using computer base program.

Marketing and Merchandizing

  • Importance of marketing and merchandizing policies with special reference to textile industry of Pakistan.
  • Role of advertisement in promotion of textile merchandizing

Textile Chemistry

    • Basic properties of fibers
    • Pre-treatment, dyeing, finishing procedure of textile.



Assistant Professor

Ms Mahlaqa Afreen(HOD)

Ms Roohi Iqbal


Ms Uzma Moin
Ms Fizza Masaud
Ms Saima Khan
Ms Sara Siddiqui
Ms Shahina Paras


Some of the career choices in The Apparel and Textile Department

  • Textile Technologist
  • Textile scientist
  • Textile Designer
  • Fashion Designer
  • Merchandiser
  • Fashion Photographer
  • Fashion Journalist
  • Fashion Analyst
  • Product Manager
  • Product Promoter
  • Quality Controller in Textile Industry
  • Educationist at College/University level
  • Administrator