Project Description

Cultivating an environment that encourages and promotes aesthetic awareness, historical consciousness, critical analysis, and an appreciation for the role of art in a comprehensive education
  • To enhance the sense of aesthetic appreciation of students
  • To prepare knowledgeable and competent designers
  • To foster critical thinking and creative production through constant development of analytical, formal, & conceptual skills in art
  • To train students for further studies and careers in art history, graphic design, art education, painting/drawing/printmaking, interior designing and related fields
  • To serve society with most up-to-date and novel interior and architectural designs through application of color psychology and rehabilitation expertise
  • To promote appreciation and awareness of the modern technologies in art



Art and interior design department offers three Internship Programs:

Internship A: Aesthetic and design basic its community based
Internship B: Interior designing
Internship C: Architecture designing

Objectives of Internship

  • Giving practical work experience opportunities to students in private and public sector;
  • Enhancing employability and capacity of fresh graduates for a better professional future.


The students are required to do research related to their field of specialization in senior most year of graduation. The research comprises creative work undertaken on a systematic basis in order to:

  • increase the stock of artistic knowledge
  • to devise new applications in art and design
  • to use creative abilities as: think, search, and analyze
  • to evaluate quality standards in the related fields




  • To promote and further all forms of art within and outside the community
  • To endeavor and stimulate high standards of art work
  • To provide increasing opportunities to artists for expanding their knowledge and expertise
  • To strive for the highest possible standards of success for diverse disciplines of arts


At HSC Level

Applied Arts (11th Grade)

  • Application of art in everyday living
  • Principles of art
  • Elements of art

At BS Level

Art and Design in Daily Life I & II

  • Understand design and its aspects
  • Factors influencing design

Fundamental of Interior Design I & II

  • Elements and principles of art in relation to interior design
  • Furniture arrangement

History of Architecture

  • Architecture forms
  • Ancient architecture
  • Architecture of Pakistan

Islamic Art & Architecture

  • Elements of Islamic art and architecture
  • Islamic Calligraphy

Color in Interior

  • Color schemes
  • Factors affecting color in interior
  • Use of colors in period style

Furniture in Interior

  • Introduction to furniture
  • Factors affecting selection of furniture
  • Furniture arrangement

Art Appreciation

  • Cava art, Egyptian art ,Greek art, Roman art, Western art and 20th century art etc

Interior Design Standards

  • Standard Dimensions of manufactured interior component
  • Furnishings and Equipment
  • Residential Graphic and Design Standards

Art Education

  • History, nature, concept, objectives, procedure and criteria of Art Education
  • Nature and function of creative activity

Arts & Crafts in Interior Decoration

  • Pottery, Weaving, Leather Embroidery, Jewellery Rug and Carpets.

Computer Aided Design

  • Current advancement in technology by using software’s for designing interiors.

Art in Pakistan

  • History and Development of painting and art in Pakistan
  • Artists of Pakistan


Associate Professor

  1. Ms Ghazala Naeem (HOD)
  2. Ms Hina Zubair

Assistant Professor

  1. Ms Mahreen Samar
  2. Ms Uzma Moin


  1. Ms Atika Yasmeen



Imagination;  Reflectiveness; Creativity; Resourcefulness; Organization and Planning; Interpersonal and Social Skills; Aesthetic and Interpretive Understanding.


Interior Designer; Architect; CAD-CAM Designer; Freelance Designer; Web Designer; Furniture Designer; Ceramic Designer; Production (theatre/television/film )Designer; Glass Blower/Designer; Jewelry Designer; Makeup Artist; Fine Artist; Printmaker; Event Manager/Event Planner/Exhibition Designer; Medical Illustrator; Color Consultant; Art And Design Educator; Museum/Gallery Curator; Re-Furbisher; Art Teacher; Researcher. Etc