S. No Author Title Year Advisor
1 Nargis Ahmed Gaya Development of a pretest for clothing construction for the first year student to be used in the College of Home Economics Karachi 1959-1960 Dr. Jessie Warden
2 Shameem Anver Sewjee A survey of the twenty pre-school centers in Karachi :an interview of twenty mothers whose children attended the preschool centers. 1962-1963 Ms. Reynolds
3 Saeeda Fatima A study of a selected group of students of two colleges in Karachi regarding their plans for deciding upon a Vocation 1963-1964 Ms. Frances Hettler
4 Shamim Akhtar Cheema Students’ research and thesis writing policies, practices and problems as identified by selected Home-Economics administrator, Advisor, and students. 1963-1964 Ms June Cozine
5 Tazeen Afzal Development of a curriculum guide in the area of clothing and textiles for class IX students based on a study of the interests and experiences of a selected group of students and the problems of a selected group of high-school Home Economics teachers. 1964-1965 Ms. Mehr-un-nissa Ahmed
6 Husna Banu Khanam An approach to Art with visual illustration by slides. 1963-1964 Ms Agnes Lcindorff
7 Thrity F. Dadachanji A study of the development of the concept of substance among a selected group of primary school children 1967-1968 Ms. Mehrunnissa Ahmed
8 Asghari K. Choudhry A comparative study of the attitudes expressed by XII Grade and B.Sc. second year students of college of Home Economics Karachi towards Home Economics. 1967-1968 Ms. Najma Afridi
9 Shahana Majid A study of relative significance of causes of academic failure as expressed by a group of students and teachers in the college of Home Economics Karachi, Pakistan. 1968-1969 Mrs. Rab
10 Noor Jehan Dhanani A study of the language development of a selected group of preschool children 1968-1969 Ms. Mehrunnissa Ahmed
11 Rashida Hamid A survey of selected programs in early childhood education and a teaching guide for adaptation to Pakistani programs 1969-1970 Dr. Josephine Hoffer
12 Nazira Choudhry Aath say baray saal ki chund talibat / tulba ki talimi karkardagi par Radio Television kay program kay asrat ka mutali’a 1973-1974 Ms. Mehrunnissa Ahmed
13 Raisa Ibrahim A study of the views expressed by new and experienced teachers of Karachi towards student teaching 1974-1975 Ms. Mehrunnissa Ahmed
14 Aftab Azra Mukhtalif collegon may parhnay wali talibat kay aik groh ki bunyadi mazhabi maloomat ka mutali’a 1977-1978 Ms. Mehrunnissa Ahmed
15 Haseebah Haque A study of educational problems faced by deaf and dumb children as expressed by their teachers 1978-1979 Ms. Mehrunnissa Ahmed
16 Anjum Iqbal Primary Schoolon kay muntakhib asaatza ki janch kay amal ka ja’iza 1980-1981 Ms. Mehrunnissa Ahmed