Project Description


  • Reinforcing the pragmatic aspect of Islam in conformity with the needs of modern world society.
  • Developing and nurturing an understanding of and respect for various religious denominations within and other than Islam, thereby making way for a pluralistic society.
  • Strengthening religious values to promote the concept of peaceful co-existence through cultivating tolerance of religious, social, ethnic, political, cultural, and other differences.
  • Enhancing students’ understanding of home, local, regional, national, and international issues through in-class discussions.
  • Motivating students to increase awareness of important life issues (moral, social, political, etc.) through developing the habit of reading.
  • Inculcating an appreciation of literature through poetry reading sessions, etc. to promote students’ comprehension of human beliefs, motives, and conduct.
  • Promoting the skill of self-expression through discussions, debates, speech competitions, essay-writing, etc.
  • Working towards personality development of young girls in order to produce good members of a harmonious world society
  • Inculcating, enhancing, and strengthening human skills, moral values, etc. and nurturing students to play effective, contributory roles in the home and work environment with courage, confidence, wisdom, and tolerance

Producing confident, well-integrated and balanced personalities capable of meeting the challenges of the 21st century


The department caters to the over-all development of the students by developing good understanding of religion; providing comprehensive study of language and literature; and imparting excellent exposure to history.


The Humanities Department (HD) of the college comprises the following disciplines:

  • Islamic Studies
  • Pakistan Studies
  • English Language/Literature
  • Urdu Language/Literature

Various disciplines of the Humanities Department not only enhance and add to students’ knowledge so that they can express themselves more effectively but also provide a holistic support to the core disciplines of Home Economics by focusing on the basic interpersonal & transferable skills and values that complement students’ acquisition of academic and professional qualifications.


Associate Professor

  1. Ms Fozia Shaikh(HOD) (English)

Assistant Professor

  1. Ms Lubna Shaheen (English)
  2. Ms Kousar Parveen Shaikh (English)
  3. Ms Mehak Zehra (English)


  1. Ms Sohaila Hasan    (Pakistan Studies)
  2. Ms Kulsum Wali Mohammad (Islamic Studies)
  3. Dr. Shehnaz Gul (Urdu)
  4. Ms Deeba Mushtaq (Urdu)