• It is compulsory for all students to attend college classes in prescribed college uniform. Students not wearing proper uniforms will not be allowed to enter the college.
  • Any additional head wear (scarf, hijab, stole etc) that is worn either inside the college premises and / or travelling to or from the college must be of the same color and materials as uniform dupatta.
  • Hair should be tied up neatly at all times; make up and jewellery is not allowed.
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  • All students are expected to obtain their college identity cards at the start of the academic session and wear the same throughout the duration of their stay in college premises daily. Possession of the same can be checked by members of teaching and non-teaching staff of the college at any time.
  • Students will not be allowed to avail library and other facilities of the college or appear in their exams if not in possession of the college I D Card.
  • Students must ensure the safety of their ID card to avoid its misuse by the other students or outsiders. In case the ID card is lost, the matter should be immediately reported to the Principal/Student Adviser together with an application for a duplicate ID card.


  • Students must try to reach college by 8:00 am daily. Its mandatory for all students of intermediate and BS semester (1st till 8th) to attend assembly at 8:10 am at auditorium in proper uniform and ID card.
  • Sections allotted to the students at the beginning of the year / semester will not be changed under any circumstances.
  • It is mandatory for students to maintain 75% attendance in theory and practical classes of each subject in an academic year. Attendance on the first day after summer / winter vacations, Eid holidays etc. is of prime importance.
  • Leave on ANY ground will not be approved if that asked leave clashes with any examination schedule.
  • Leave up to 02 days only will be granted by the subject teacher(s) concerned.
  • In case of a request for extended leave (i.e.: 3 days and above), a written application signed by the parent(s) or guardian should be submitted to the Principal / Student adviser, clearly stating the dates and the reason of absence.
  • In case of extra ordinary extended absence on medical grounds, medical certificate / medical reports must be submitted with the leave application.
  • Hajj leave will be granted for 15 days only. Documentary evidence (passport, ticket etc.) must be submitted with the application.
  • Umrah, ziarat, Moharram, Ae’tekaff leave during the academic session is not allowed.
  • In case of demise of any immediate family member three days’ leave will be sanctioned by the Principal / Student adviser. However, in case of ongoing scheduled exams no separate exam facility will be provided to the student.
  • Half day leave is strictly prohibited. Only in case of medical emergency (including that of an immediate family member) the student may be permitted to leave with her parent (s) / guardian only. The parent(s) / guardian must bring their original CNIC along with two sets of leave application and copies of CNIC.One set will be submitted to the Principal / Student Adviser and the other to the gate keeper after obtaining due approval from the concerned authority.
  • In all cases leave taken will be student’s own risk so far as percentage of attendance is concerned. Submission of a medical certificate only ensures that a student’s name is not struck off the rolls. It does not however condone the percentage of attendance required for the student to qualify to appear as a regular candidate in the final board / university examination.
  • Absentee’s assignments / projects will not be marked unless a due medical or hajj leave.


  • The conduct of students in the classes and within college premises should not cause any disturbance to teachers, fellow students or other classes.
  • Students are not allowed to loiter in the college premises or sit in corridors, passages or under / on stairs while the classes are on. However, in free periods students are allowed to sit in the common rooms, cafeteria or Library.
  • Bringing and eating any kind of food (including candies, chocolates, suparies etc.) in class rooms, Library or any area of the college except the cafeteria is strictly prohibited.
  • Students are responsible to maintain general cleanliness in class rooms, Library, corridors and open spaces by refraining from throwing trash / litter of any kind around.
  • Students are strictly prohibited from conducting any political activity within college premises.
  • Students are not allowed to set up any sort of Religious and Political Societies, Associations or Organizations within the college.
  • No student is allowed to display any Notice /Circular /Banner in the college premises without prior permission of the Principal. Strict action will be taken against the violators.
  • All meetings, cultural programs, debates, elocutions etc. organized on the college premises must be held in the presence of teaching staff and with the prior permission of the Principal. The topics of debates / elocutions must have the prior approval of the Principal.
  • No student of the college is allowed to collect the money from fellow students or faculty for any purpose what so ever under any pretext.
  • Students must take proper care of the college property. Strict action will be taken against the students (s) damaging / spoiling college property and they will be required to compensate the damage.
  • Smoking, taking drugs / narcotics etc. is strictly prohibited within the college premises. Any student found guilty of buying, selling or indulging in such stuff will immediately be expelled from the college.
  • Use of any electronic device (tablet, Ipad, Laptops etc.) is strictly prohibited inside college. However, if student want to bring it for some educational purpose prior permission should be taken from the concerned teacher on application.
  • Playing music through transistors, tape recorders, car stereos, mobiles or any other gadgets with or without ear phones is strictly prohibited in the college. On Violation student will be suspended from the college and instrument will be confiscated. Confiscated instruments will only be returned at the end of academic session.
  • Use of cameras is strictly prohibited in the college. Any student found using the same will be immediately suspended from the college and the instrument will be confiscated.
  • Use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited.
  • As per the ban rulings plastic bags could not be carried in colleges across the province of Sindh. According to the details, the chief minister gave advise to all the students, officials and to the college staff to avoid bringing plastic bags with them while coming to the college.
  • Students shall do nothing inside or outside the college that will interfere with the discipline of the college or tarnish the image of the college.
  • Students are not allowed to communicate any information about college matters to the press.
  • Outsiders are not permitted to enter the college premises without prior permission of the Principal. College students are not allowed to bring / invite their relative/ friends / outsiders to the college. The Principal has the right to refuse such permission. Strict action will be taken against the concerned outsider as well as the college student who is found to be instrumental in / guilty of such an act.
  • Matters not covered above will be decided at the discretion of the Principal.


Parents who want to see the Principal or any subject teacher for individual issues should take prior appointment by sending a letter to college Principal. However, it must be noted that no application / request for intervention regarding checking of late assignments / projects or for granting leave exceeding 25% of the session in all or for more than one week at a time would be entertained by the college administration.


Students found guilty of any act of misbehavior, misconduct, indiscipline or violation of the above rules will be liable to suffer one or more punishments as stated below:

  1. Warning letters would be issued to the student. After three warnings, parents / guardian will be called.


  • Keeping in mind the multiple natures of problems faced by students of the BS Programme under the semester system of examination, certain decisions have been taken by the Academic Council of the College in consultation with the BS Committee to resolve the same. All BS students are instructed to read the following rules carefully and communicate the same to their parents. It is obligatory for students to submit a signed copy of these rules to the College Administration at the time of admission to the BS Programme. It should be noted that these rules are in addition to the ‘Rules for General Discipline’ on the admission form, which will remain binding upon the students.

    1. All Internal exams (theory/practical) shall be held as per the schedule announced by the BS Committee.

    2.Students shall be allowed 2 days preparatory leave (last 2 working days) before the internal exams (theory only). However, classes will be held as per schedule after the paper during the exams.

    Following rules are applicable only for 5th-8th Semester

    Leave for dates that coincide with a scheduled Internal exam (theory and/or practical) shall be approved only in case of:

    • a) Hajj.
    • b) Death of a parent or sibling only, when the date of demise is either on the day of the exam or just 1 day before the exam.
    • c) Serious injuries incurred in an accident – i.e. resulting in hospitalization and rendering the student physically unable and/or medically unfit to sit an exam(s).
    • d) Sudden contraction of a very severe or contagious disease*, or serious complication of an unavoidable medical condition (e.g. asthma, food poisoning , pregnancy, etc.) – in the period immediately before an examination i.e. rendering the student physically unable and/or medically unfit to sit an exam(s)
      *Contagious disease refers to an illness which may pose a serious risk to the health of others, meaning that it would not be advisable for the student to attend the college because of the risk of infecting others. However, in any such case the parent(s)/guardian must bring their original CNIC along with two sets of leave application and complete file of student’s hospital record/medical reports.

    In any of the above situations a written application for a separate exam should be submitted to the In Charge – BS Committee within 1 week of the date of last exam without fail; applications submitted later than that will not be entertained. The BS Committee shall decide whether or not, how, and when to arrange for a separate exam (Internal: Theory/Practical) of the concerned student; the decision will be finalized with the approval of the Principal. In the event of a separate exam being allowed, the student’s attendance will be duly marked in the attendance sheet for the Internal Exam.

    1. As per University rules, any student making a 3rd  attempt at clearing any course must ensure attending at least 75% of fresh classes before being eligible to sit in the exam. At 4th attempt per subject Rs. 10,000/ will be paid and must ensure attending at least 75%of classes before exam . Henceforth, cases of all repeaters will be referred to the concerned department for verification as to the number of attempts made by a student in order to ensure that no ineligible student sits in any component of the exam (Internal and/or External) by force. Missing/being absent in the next available chance to clear a course will also be counted as an attempt.
    2. Students repeating any particular course must obtain a clearance/verification slip from the concerned Department/Head Examiner before appearing in the exam. Attendance of any repeater student who sits in the internal exam without first obtaining the said clearance will not be taken; neither will the answer script be assessed.
    3. Examination forms of students who are repeating the External component of any course will not be accepted without the verification slip from the concerned department.
    4. If a student is unable to complete the attendance requirement in any course, she shall be required to attend the entire course whenever it is offered again. She will become eligible for taking the examination in the particular course only after she has completed its attendance requirement. Such a student shall pay a prescribed fee for attending the class as a causal student.
    5. If a student, after completing the attendance requirement, does not appear or fails in the terminal examination of a course, she will be allowed to re-appear not more than twice in the terminal examination when it is offered in the next session after the payment of prescribed examination fee as repeater student.
    6. A repeater student who fails to clear a course /courses in three regular, available chances will not be eligible to reappear. She may be allowed as a last chance to attend the classes of the course/courses she failed to clear. Permission to appear in the examination will be subject to completing attendance requirements.
    7. If a student does not clear a part of a course e.g. lab or theory, she will repeat that part of the course only in which she has failed.
    8. If a student has failed in only one paper of a degree program and she declared to attend fresh classes as 3rd time failure, she shall be allowed to take condense classes to complete her degree program and to appear in exams provided, she is losing one year if asked to attend fresh classes in regular semester.
    9. Cancelled admission of those students who fail in >50% of courses in their first academic year will be restored by Dean with Chairperson’s recommendation. These students will be allowed to appear as repeater in that class.
    10. In an attempt to detect all possible errors before the submission of award lists to the University, henceforth all examiners at all levels (semester 1-8) shall display the final result sheets on the 10th day after the date of the last exam (holidays included) or the date specified by the BS Committee. The BS Committee will be responsible for communicating the information to all students/examiners and placing the announcement on the college website with at least 5 days prior notice. It will be the students’ responsibility to keep checking the College website for the same. All students (regular and repeaters) must ensure checking their marks for each component of every course personally. Each student should also satisfy herself as to the correct entry of personal details (name, father’s name, and seat/enrollment number), total marks, grade, and description in the remarks column. An application for correction of errors, oversights (if any) must immediately be submitted to the Head Examiner on the same day as the results are displayed. The Head Examiner, BS Committee, or the college administration will not accept any responsibility whatsoever for satisfying the student concerned and/or her parents or communicating with the University in case a student fails to detect or point out errors of any kind either on the day that the results are displayed OR as per the date specified by the BS Committee.