Ra’ana Liaquat Ali Khan Govt. College of Home Economics’ Library is one of the best in the country with the seating capacity of 265.

It houses the largest collection of around 14,000 Books on different subjects, covering all topics of curriculum, professional and general reading material. Latest editions of the books are regularly added to the College Library to meet the HEC requirement.

The Library has around 1500 theses based on research work carried out by the college students every year. A complete computerized list of theses submitted from 1961-2018 is available online and in the library which facilitates students in searching for a specific topic.


Provision of relevant and up-to-date information through traditional, electronic library and online data-base resources


The Library’s mission is to provide comprehensive resources and services in support of the research, teaching and learning needs of the College of Home Economics. To fulfill this mission, the library commits to build collections and creates tools to support its users. The library not only selects, acquires, organizes valuable materials but also ensures preservation and long-lasting availability of those collections and resources.


To improve user access to resources and information services necessary for learning, teaching and research activities
To facilitate users with Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC)
To maintain effective links with the college staff and promote understanding to successfully meet the challenges in the journey for the pursuit of knowledge
To improve library communication through newsletters
To improve library services through establishing library data base and initiation of Barcode system for issuance & return of reading material.


The Library subscribes the following Magazines and Newspapers to update the users with current affairs:


She, Reader’s Digest


Jang, Dawn


The Library receives the following Research Journals as an exchange program from different institutions:

  1. Journal of clinical psychology
  2. Journal of psychology
  3. Pakistan Journal of Applied Economics

The Library receives the following Research Journals as a gift from different institutions:

  1. Journal of Pakistan Medical Association
  2. Pakistan Journal of History and culture
  3. Mujalla Tarikh-o-Saqafat Pakistan
S.No Name Designation Qualification
1 Ms.Shaheen Abid Khan Senior librarian Master in Library and Information Science [MLIS] (KU); DHMS (NCFH)
2 Ms.Sabeen Buledi Librarian Master in Library and Information Science [MLIS](SU)