1. Admission in RLAK Government College of Home Economics will be in accordance with a capacity of maximum 600 students in Grade XI.
  2. Admission shall not be granted to any student after expiry of last date as announced by the Board of Intermediate Education Karachi (BIEK).
  3. Admission shall be granted to students who have passed their SSC ( Secondary School Certificate) Examination or its equivalent Examinations in 2019-2020 as per the Covid-19 policy announced by the Government of Sindh. Those who passed the said Examination in 2019 or earlier but not later than 2016 can be admitted provided they have obtained GAP PERMISSION from the Board of Intermediate Education Karachi (BIEK).
  4. Permission of GAP shall be granted to those students who have passed their SSC Examination and having GAP upto 5 years between passing SSC Examination or its equivalent Examination and desire to take admission in HSC ( Higher Secondary Certificate) part I, provided otherwise justified.
  5. A candidate who conceals the facts of their previous success in the intermediate or equivalent Examination at the time of her fraudulent admission/ appearance in HSC Examination would be liable to rejection of her admission or result or both.
  6. Every student has to submit in an undertaking duly signed by her father/ guardian that 75% attendance rule will be followed strictly, failing which her examination form will not be forwarded and acceptable to the Board.