Project Description

Excellence in research, teaching and outreach activities to strengthen conditions that are proportional to the well being and enhancement of Family functioning and Human Development.

To broaden perspective, reinforce knowledge and extend interdisciplinary understanding of Family and Human Development over the life span


To equip students with specialized knowledge in human development from infancy over full span of life

To provide better understanding of one’s self and his position as an important component of a family

To develop important and deep insights into formation, development and dissolution of families

To bring better and practical acquaintance with behavioral analysis of child development

To explore the ways in which people develop — physically, emotionally, and intellectually –within the Framework of family and society

To promote healthy development of children, adults and families throughout the nation.



The Department of Family and Human Development provides valuable experience to the students for securing employment in their field of interest through internships.

The internships carried out during the academic year are as follows:

  • Early Childhood Education at Sun Academy Montessori School, and Education and Research Development Center (ERDC);
  • Family and Community Development at Health Education and Literacy Program (HELP), Global Org (GO), and Non-Government Organization (NGO)


There are several researches done in the area of FHD as compulsory part of BS curriculum, such as:

  • Child Development
  • Childhood and Adolescence
  • Human Development


The Departmental Society, Family and Human Development Society (FHDS) was established in January 2014


Development and promotion of Family and Human life standards, and confirmation of individual and social welfare in future


At HSC Level

Family Relationship and Child Development(12th Grade)

  • Study of basic human needs
  • Family, its nature and functions
  • Family in Pakistan
  • Individual and the Family
  • Principals and developmental periods of childhood behavioral problems.

At BS Level

Human Development

  • Studying growth, development and care of the young child.
  • Heredity and laws of heredity
  • Importance of play in Child’s life
  • Personality and social development
  • Vocational Planning during adolescence
  • Family and its relationship

Social Science (Psychology & Sociology)

  • Psychology and its relation to the various areas of Home Economics
  • Learning and Motivation
  • Structural of society.

Guidance and Counseling

  • Nature ,scope and history of guidance principles
  • Educational problems and plans
  • Planning and administrating
  • Personal, family, educational and vocational guidance.

Early Childhood Education and Administration

  • Day Care Center
  • Play Ground
  • Nursery School and Kindergarten

Family and Community Development

  • Theories of family structure
  • Value orientation and their effect on human behavior
  • Personality its nature and function
  • Family breakdown and reconciliation
  • Status of women
  • Social change
  • Family and community relationship
  • Community development (Effective utilization of community resources and promote community development programmed

Crises Management in Families

  • Common family Problems

Special Children and Rehabilitation

    • Special children and Special education
    • Role of family and community in rehabilitation
    • Deals with multiple types of disabilities MR,VI,HI,ADHD etc


Gerontology and Ageing

    • Adult hood
    • Aspects and health changes and care
    • Theories and different school of thoughts related to aging
    • Institutional services and care

Personality and Behavior

  • The different sources of behavior
  • Leadership
  • Stress anxiety and health
  • Learning model
  • Disorders
  • Theories of family.

Family Ecology

  • The Micro/Macro environment
  • Population regulation

Educational Psychology and Measurement Techniques

  • Psychological testing
  • Intelligence and aptitude test


Assistant Professor

  1. Ms Shaheena Soomro (HOD)


    1. Ms Naveeda Bano.
    2. Ms Rabel Mangi
    3. Ms Syeda Maria Shamim


  • Educator& Researcher
  • Family/Career Counselor
  • Human-Resource Coordinator
  • Social Worker
  • Assistant to Counselors
  • Psychologists
  • Child-Care Provider
  • Coordinator;
  • Crisis- intervention
  • Effective Community Worker Consumer Advocate
  • Volunteer
  • Activist in Human Rights
  • Fundraising Programs
  • Life-Skills Facilitator
  • Rehabilitation Worker. etc.


Family and Human Development (FHD) is one of the major disciplines and an integral part of Home Economics which describes, classifies and explains the development and behavior of an individual from birth to maturity and old age.
Education in FHD guides and enables an individual not only to play a better role in the family and society but also to have a well-adjusted and integrated personality with minimum conflict.

Importance of Family and Human Development as a Subject

A degree in Family and Human Development prepares students for a successful career in a variety of human service and educational settings and equips them with following practical skills at the same time: