Until 1947, there existed only a few institutions for under-graduate studies in domestic sciences in India. When Pakistan came into being in 1947 facilities located in India were lost to Pakistan.

In order to resolve these issues many measures were immediately taken then. And in response to the recognition of the fact through quote by Napoleon “Give me Good mothers and I guarantee you a Good Nation”, Steps were taken in order to educate women. Since, Home economics was already recognized as the most favorable field for educating future mothers.

A request was made by Government of Pakistan and All Pakistan Women Association (APWA), and chiefly through the efforts of Begum Raana Liaquat Ali Khan an international grant of Rs. 13, 00,000 was given by the Ford Foundation in order to build colleges, train staff in related fields, and attain resources from abroad universities and other expenses. In 1952, College of Home Economics in Karachi was established. Later aid was given to equip and develop a college of Home and Social Science in Lahore. These two colleges were opened in 1955. In 1961, a college was opened in Dacca which was separated in 1971 from Pakistan.

In 1960, Report of the commission on Education also laid importance on Home Economics education. It was recommended in the commission that courses of study in Home Economics should be specifically oriented to the needs of the country. Studies in nutrition, clothing, family relations, home management, related art, health and child care should be considered in the context of life in Pakistan.

Home Economics is not only being taught as Major specialized field in different cities of Pakistan but is offered as minor subject named Outline of Home Economics for Humanities group at intermediate and university level.

In 2011 a committee was formed by HEC in order to upgrade the syllabus of Home Economics BS-Program. Eminent Professors from all over Pakistan participated and designed the program.

List of Home Economics colleges in Pakistan:


  1. RLAK College of home economics Karachi. RLAK CHE Website  and RLAK CHE Facebook Page
  2. I. Zuberi College of Home Economics-Hyderabad. https://www.facebook.com/pg/Govt-Dr-I-H-Zuberi-Girls-College-for-Home-Economics-Hyderabad-799669210150213/photos/
  3. Department of Home economics, Govt. Girls College for women, Khairpur. https://www.facebook.com/0243.home.economics/
  4. Department of Home economics, Degree college Larkana


  1. Department of Home Economics, Lahore College for Women University.https://www.lcwu.edu.pk/index.php/home-economics-introduction.html
  2. University of Home Economics, Lahore https://uhe.edu.pk/
  3. Islamabad College of Home economics and management sciences https://www.facebook.com/homeeconomicsrocks/
  1. Government College of Home economics, Madni Cowk, Multanhttp://www.gchomeeconomics.edu.pk/messages.php
  1. Gift University-Gujranwala, http://www.gift.edu.pk/page/schools-and-programs
  2. Government Home Economics College, Gujranwala
  3. University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, http://uaf.edu.pk/faculties/food_nutrition/nutri_overview.html
  4. School of Nutrition & Dietetics, The University of Faisalabad, http://tuf.edu.pk/sdnd/
  5. Government College Women University Faisalabad, http://gcwuf.edu.pk/faculties-departments/faculty-of-science-and-technology/h-economics/
  6. Department of Home Economics, Lahore Garrison University, http://www.lgu.edu.pk/social-sciences/departments/home-economics/index.php
  7. Bachelors in Home economics, Nisa Girls College, Sialkot

KPK (Kyber Paktoonkuwah)

  1. College of Home economics, University of Peshawar, http://www.uop.edu.pk/departments/?q=College-of-Home-Economics
  2. Home Economics College ,Nowshehra, http://www.admission.hed.gkp.pk/college.php?college_id=68
  3. Government Home Economics College, Abbottabad, http://www.admission.hed.gkp.pk/college.php?college_id=159
  4. B Sc. in Home Economics, University of Agriculture Faisalabad, Sub-campus Toba tek singh
  5. College of Home Economics, University of Swat, http://uswat.edu.pk/college-of-home-sciences.html


  1. College of Home Economics, Quetta

Azad Kashmir

University College of Home Economics, Mirpur, Azad kashmir

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