An educational field trip was organized by Ms Ghazala Naeem,Head of Art and Interior Design Department for her students of BS VI semester on 16th Oct, 2021.She along with two department teachers and students visited Pakistan life style furniture exhibition held at EXPO Centre Karachi organized by Diamond Supreme Foam from 15th Oct till 17th Oct, 2021.50 companies have showcased their traditional and contemporary furniture pieces manufactured in Pakistan. Beside furniture, Rugs& carpets and home accessories were also displayed at the exhibition.

Students showed great interest in seeing furniture pieces manufactured by local manufacturers and also designer master pieces. They also asked questions related to furniture sizes, materials, finishes etc. The Highlight was furniture pieces used in homes, Gardens, office, home decor and furnishings.

They actually retained a great deal of factual information from their visit. It was a most rewarding experience for the students who obtained valuable information for their practical as well theoretical work.

The visit was very informative for the students to understand their subject and also to explore new and upcoming technologies in this field. Such trips really helped students in better understanding of their subject.