It is hereby notified for the information of all existing as well as prospective students that the college strongly counsels against/prohibits purchasing of following material from College Bookshop and/or Art line Shop or their outlets outside the college:



  • Uniform Dress, Shoes, and other Uniform-related items
  • Books and Notes for any Grade(s)/Semester(s)

RLAK CHE expects that students attire themselves in the approved College uniform and strictly follow the instructions laid down by the Students’ Affairs Committee in this regard.

Students are warned not to follow any advice/recommendation from the staff/workers of College Book Shop or Art Line Shop regarding purchase of course books, notes or material, and to avoid buying any unnecessary or exorbitantly priced items without first consulting the concerned subject teacher(s).

Ignoring the above instructions may lead to financial loss on the part of the students in case the items purchased contrary to the teachers’ advice have to be replaced.