Dear Students,

Regarding admissions to BS-Semester 5, past pattern for many years has been that many students do not continue their studies after some time. Other than wasting the allocated number of seats, the dropout trend is naturally frustrating for students who are unable to get admission in their area of preference.

In order to avoid this situation, this year a few additional admissions were given in the two departments [Nutrition and Dietetics (N & D) and Residential Management and Entrepreneurship (RM & E)] where the demand was high. Those additional admissions were not to be refilled in case of dropouts in both the departments. However, in view of students’ requests these seats will be refilled only for the Residential Management Dept. in case of dropouts till 11th January, 2016.

Additionally, quite a few students who have not been able to secure admission in N & D Dept. have been unable to get admission in RM Dept. as well on account of listing it as their 2nd preference. It has therefore been decided to prepare a second list according to the current merit status of all the students desirous of taking admission in Residential Management Department irrespective of their priority of preference.

Thus any claims for admission in Residential Management Dept. must be submitted on or before 12th Jan 2016.