VOL. 1, NO.3, APR.-JUN., 2010

Dear Readers,
We are glad to inform you that:
Following books have been added to the library collection during the quarter.

S.No. Author Title
1 Matt A. Casado Housekeeping Management
2 Thomas J. A. Jones Professional Management of Housekeeping Operation
3 Sally Collins The Art of Machine Pie Piecing
4 Courtney Davis Celtic Designs and Motifs
5 Mariam Elliot The Art & Craft of Paper
6 Cheryl Owen The Complete Book of Paper Craft
7 Grace Taormina The Complete Guide to Rubber Stamping
8 Alex Anderson Hand Appliqué
9 Carolyn Sullivan Quilt Skills
10 Chris Scott IKEA Lots of Ideas for Your Home 1998
11 Miranda Innes The Book of Candles
12 Jonathan L. Fairbanks Best of Pottery
13 Pauline Brown Decoration on Fabrics
14 Sarah Hoggett The Ultimate Quilting Book
15 Christopher Fagg The New Craft Collection
16 Martin Cheek Design Source Book Mosaic
17 Sheila Sturrock Celtic Spirals and Other Designs
18 Lynda Watts Making Your Own Cards
19 Ondorisha Small Embroidery Gift
20 Pamela Holls Creative Illustrations
21 Don Dooley Holiday Decorations
22 Heidi Haupt-Battaglia Painted Eggs
23 Stewart Dunn Craft Design & Technology
24 Meik McNaughton Making Miniature Oriental Rugs & Carpets
25 Larraine Scouler Back to Front: a New Approach to Machine-Appliqué
26 Douglas Kerry Dix Filography: Introduction to Thread Sculpture
27 Masako Maki Rattan Work With Complete Diagrams

Latest issues of the following journals are available in the library.

S.No. Author Title
1 Pakistan Journal of History & Culture Vol.30, No 1-2 2009
2 Tarikh-o-Saqafat Pakistan (Half yearly) Vol.19, No.1 2008