VOL. 3, NO.1, OCT. -DEC., 2011

Dear Readers,
We are glad to inform you that:
Following books have been added to the library collection during the quarter.

S.No. Author Title
1 Semba, Richard D Nutrition and Health in Developing Countries
2 Lowe, Ross Consumer Education and Economics
3 Craig, Grace, J Understanding Human Development
4 Stutts, Alan T Hotel and Lodging Management
5 Readers digest Editor New Complete Guide to Sewing
6 Adam, Curle Planning for Education in Pakistan
7 Flight, Graham Introduction to Ceramics
8 Garrison, Carolyn L Modern Household Equipment
9 Neagley, Ross Linn Handbook for Effective Supervision of Instruction

Latest issues of the following journals are available in the library.

S.No. Author Title
1 Pakistan Journal of Clinical Psychology Vol. 10 No. 1 2011
2 Pakistan Journal of Psychology Vol. 42 No. 1 2011