VOL. 3, NO.3, APR.-JUN., 2012

Dear Readers,
We are glad to inform you that:
Following books have been added to the library collection during the quarter.

S.No. Author Title
1 Roebuck, Chris Effective Communication
2 Slee, Philip T Child, Adolescent and Family Development
3 Coulston, Ann M Nutrition in the Prevention and Treatment of Diseases
4 Lefton, Lester A Psychology
5 Miller, Barbara A Assessing Organizational Performance in Human Education
6 Epp, Dianne A The Chemistry of Vat Dyes
7 Epp, Dianne A The Chemistry of Natural Dyes
8 Collier, Billie J Textile Testing and Analysis

Latest issues of the following journals are available in the library.

S.No. Author Title
1 Pakistan Journal of Applied Economics Vol.19, No.2 2009
2 Tarikh-o-Saqafat Pakistan(Half yearly) Vol. 20, No.1 2009
3 Pakistan journal of History and Culture Vol.30, No.2 2009