VOL. 4, NO.1, OCT. -DEC., 2012

Dear Readers,
We are glad to inform you that:
Following books have been added to the library collection during the quarter.

S.No. Author Title
1 Tyson, Shaun Essential of Human Resource Management
2 Vinny, Lee Homes and Gardens: Designs for Living
3 Berryman, J C Developmental Psychology and You
4 Gross, Irma Management for Modern Families
5 Margetts, Barrie M Design Concepts in Nutrition Epidemiology
6 Wysocki, Robert K Effective Project Management
7 Lewis, James P Fundamentals of Project Management

Latest issues of the following journals are available in the library.

S.No. Title Issue No.
1 Pakistan Journal of Clinical Psychology Vol. 11, No 1 2012
2 Pakistan Textile Journal Vol.60, No.11-12 2012