Vol. 5, No.3, Apr.-Jun., 2014

Vol. 5 – No.3, April-June, 2014

Dear Readers,
We are glad to inform you that:
Following books have been added to the library collection during the quarter.

S.No. Author Title
1 Wilson, Diana Hardy The Encyclopedia of Calligraphy Techniques.
2 Nasra Shabnam Pre-School Education and under Privileged Children
3 Saxene, Alka Counseling of the Handicapped
4 Reeta Betala Design: Comprehension and Visualization
5 Joanne, Rippin Topiaries and Indoor trees
6 Amna Afreen The Reformers of Islam
7 Toman, Rolf History of Architecture
8 Macionis, John J Sociology
9 Withers, Sara Fashion Beads


Latest issues of the following journals are available in the library.

S.No. Title Issue No
1 Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Vol.114,No 1, 2&3 2014