A Meelad ceremony was arranged at RLAK, Government College of Home Economics, Karachi, in the college auditorium in the month of (on October Rabiʽ al-Awwal 19th, 2022). The ceremony commenced with the verses of Holy Qur’an, followed by recitation of Hamd.
The students eulogized Prophet S.A.W.W with Na’at and different events from Seraah Nabi S.A.W.W.

The ceremony was graced with presence of Senior alumna Ms Sheerin Shahzad who shared her knowledge of the life of Prophet S.A.W.W and importance of Meelaad. Ms Shahzad also recited few verses of Na’at to pay homage to Prophet S.A.W.W.

The Principal, Ms Azra Munawar Farooqui, welcomed the guests: many senior faculty members and alumni to this auspicious ceremony, and thanked them for their participation to show religious solidarity.